Cirque Free company

A mateus roleplaying free company

Stories of a house deep in the woods of the Black Shroud where a humble group of actors and dramaturges reside and perform dazzling shows of wonder and performance in their haunted House of Mystery.
But those rumors...Some say they actually fight those who would enslave others and those who would abuse the oppressed. Champion the cause of those who have no champion, fight the battles none other see. Others say that they've gone to other worlds. They've battled in and against giant machina titans. Traveled through time. Done the impossible, seen the invisible. They enter conflicts unseen, only to vanish when the job is done. They are not heroes, because none sing their praise nor know of their exploits. But those are just rumors.

The house of mystery

Come One, Come All to Cirque's wondrous HOUSE OF MYSTERY! A place where dreams are made real, and shows of mirth and merry occur!
Rumors abound however. Guests speak often of hearing strange voices behind walls. Of the rumors that their house is alive. That they hide a secret lair of ancient technology and magick behind fake bookcases. That their house in fact hides an infinite hallway where any door leads to anywhere in the world. That people have been seen walking in through a front door that lead to places far away. But those are just rumors.Feel free to visit us! Lavender Beds, ward 10, house 3! Mateus!

cirque from an out of character perspective

We love to roleplay! We create fictional personalities and backgrounds for virtual avatar characters inside the game and act out scenes and encounters much like a Dungeons & Dragons or other tabletop dice game. The purpose behind Cirque is roleplay, community, and friendship. Promoting and nurturing the creativity needed to make that happen. We explore dark themes and keep a light tone, and have story arcs that challenge character personality, growth and evolution.Extremely active, we have anywhere from 2-5 events per week, and put on a new show every month that take several rehearsals to perfect all for the enjoyment of ourselves and the public.Our plots are diverse in theme and inspiration, and we always dial it to 11. Pop culture, anime, movies, books, and the lifeblood of the game we play inspire us. We go on weekly adventures that explore the depth of what is possible within Final Fantasy 14.

The house of mystery

The House of Mystery is the player base for Cirque, and is intended to always be a publicly open character interaction space for all players. Most all rooms in the House of Mystery are themed with a purpose and design meant to be unique and eye catching. From indoor gardens to libraries to far-eastern dojos and more, any room in the House of Mystery deepens the lore and mythology of the company.
Feel free to visit us! Lavender Beds, Ward 10, house 3!

Our Upcoming Show

Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny

"This is just a Tribute."

A new show every month! EVERY MONTH we play host to a server wide roleplay event open to the public community of Mateus and beyond. It can be a Play, a Performance, or other grand acts of Circus theme. We have a custom drink menu and food menu!

Our affiliates and friends

Our roleplaying system

Cirque uses a custom Skill System which allows dynamic roleplay to take place using a simple d10 roll-based system with bonuses and exclusive skills. Our system breaks down into four blocks to build a skill sheet with.

Skillsets are what your character is generally skilled at, and confer +200 to any Roll Check requiring one of those skills. A player can choose up to 5 skillsets for their Character Skillsheet. Skillsets include both Skill bonuses for Roll Checks and Power Skills that provide unique bonuses for roleplay encounters that occur during play. Power Skills can only be gained by choosing a Skillset.

Skills are what your character is expert at, and confer +200 to any Roll Check requiring one of those skills. A player can choose up to 10 (12 with flaws taken) skills for their Character Skillsheet. They define what your character's specialities are. Power Skills cannot be purchased through Skill Points. A player can choose to use their skill points to further empower Roll Check bonuses an additional +200, for a total bonus of +400.

Voluntary Flaws are optional detriments that can negatively impact a player, but may also confer unique benefits. The most any player may choose is 2 of the total 10. Each flaw is different in its effect to fit character archetypes, but none are required for any skillsheet to be completed.

Limit Breaks are a staple aspect of the Final Fantasy game series and Final Fantasy XIV. Adapted to our combat roleplaying system, a player can choose 1 of the 6 Limit Breaks to execute in combat should they achieve the requirement for the limit break to be used.

Apply to join our company

--NOTE--We are currently recruiting for membership!For those interested in joining as contractors for roles in upcoming productions and shows.
As Cirque gets more popular and our diversity of cast increases, it has become increasingly necessary to point out that parts in shows are given on MERIT. Directing a live production every month requires consistency, ambition and dedication. We put a LOT of time into these performances done live and without expectation of reward for the FFXIV community as a whole. Those who have been in past shows in minor roles often are given key roles in future shows.
That is MERIT.
You will never join as a contractor and be given a headline part out the gate. Parts are cast on MERIT, which means dedication to showing up to rehearsals for bit parts, and earning the trust necessary to know you'll be there, can follow direction, and will do your best to make a stellar performance.

Cirque's Story so far...

Cirque's first operation as a group of slaver killers was dismantling the organization named Wonderland. They were viscious slavers who abused
Cirque was approached by Kirei Meztli, and asked to help save children from the clutches of an evil slaver organization named 'Echion'.
Cirque encountered an evil organization that used machinery and magick to influence and control the minds of bodily augmented slaves. The fight against Faux would prove to last til the end of the year.
ARC 4 "BACK to the FIRST"
Cirque had been attacked by Faux at their own home, their strange and mysterious home assaulted directed. Sent to the FIRST during a time a mere 15 years after a Flood of Light had destroyed the world, Cirque struggled to return home.
ARC 5 "My Cirque Academia"
While disparate threads and threats gathered, Cirque wasn't once resting on their laurels! With the aid of a Grand Alliance hero named Tall Might, they fought and won against a lalafell who had broken off from FAUX with his own evil agenda.
ARC 6 "The Cinquante Plot"
In Coerthas, a group of heretics known as 'The Cinquante', were attempting to create a new Dragonsong War! Cultists with a strange powers were taking ordinary Ishgardians and forcefully turning them into dragons!
Arc 7 "The Wedding Snatchers."
Infiltrating deep into a mafia-style group of slavers who operated under the eyes of the law for over a decade,Cirque had to go into deep cover to break the group up and save hundreds of slaves.
Arc 8 "The House on the Silent Hill"
A house that appeared three years ago was referred to Cirque as a place they should investigate by an old friend. People went into this house and never returned, and it seemed to accept or not accept people at its leisure. What it was though was far more than any in Cirque could have ever expected.
Arc 9 "The Darkest Timeline"
The dark truth of the House on the Silent hill was revealed! One of their own members left behind on the First had built it after they had been forced to leave her behind. Caught between a rift of space, Cirque was dropped on a dying reflection of the real world where they didn't know one another, and they were living out their darkest timelines...
Cirque Year 1 Finale
Returned to the Source and victorious, none of their lives would be the same ever again.

CIRQUE Year 2: DO THE IMPOSSIBLEArc 10 "The Man from Nowhere"
Forced to participate in training exercises with other Joint Alliance peacekeepers, Cirque saw first hand a foe strange and new. He brought with him an invitation to Cirque upon his defeat. A WAR was upon Cirque. One they could not run away from.
Arc 11 "The Grail War Begins"
Cirque is invited (by threat of force) to attend the opening of a grand war between Slaver Organizations. Dropped into the thick of some of the worst people in the world, they learn they'll be forced to compete against 7 of the Strongest Slaver groups in the world, or die. Their first opponents were frontlined by a creature in an impenetrable suit of armor, named 'The Berserker'.
Arc 12 "Ivory Fang"
Beast tribe members around Eorzea were being attacked, and thus Cirque had received a plea from the grand companies to spring into action. Directed towards different settlement's of different beast tribes, all they could do was but watch as several beast tribe members had their blood stolen, and some transformed into mutated fusions of other tribes. All of this was perpetrated by an individual calling himself 'Ivory Fang' along with his benefactor, Dr. Ver.
Arc 13 "Mister Nobody"
He had no name, but was kidnapping Ishgardians and making them into slaves encased in mannequin shells, forced to live out a twisted mockery of mundane life. The 'Caster' of the Slaver War, he was their opponent, and Cirque had to put him down.
Arc 14 "Et In Arcadia Ego"